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Hydraulic actuator
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Vision System

Nederlands vision system

Looking for a simple and effective vision system?

The Pladot vision system expands the possibilities of the linear actuator enormously, but it is outside the scope of the Pladot linear actuator much more versatile.

The vision system is simple in design, it works with a single sensor with no special requirements, which saves costs! The results of this system however, are impressive due to smart findings and software.

Many new uses are thus feasible for your (OEM) application!

A significantly greater flexibility, faster response, shorter setup times and increased employability, are these benefits appealing to you? Request info.


How does the Pladot vision system works?

1.    The object is seen (finger)  -> 20 times/sec;
2.    The surplus information is removed;
3.    The calculations are made;
4.    The accurate actual position of the object is the result


vision system software


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